Banquet Hall

It sleeps in the swamp It’s blobby tentacles reach up out into the Banquet Hall The empty throne it seeks Secrets Betrayal Swords Drawn We fight Eyes focused Before dawn we pursue the thing that awful thing kill it kill it we shout kill the evil thing The tables are quiet but the banquet hall […]

Hey there, you. Yes you.

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deep song

like saffron strands into the farmers hands to distant lands of course you stand

Yearn to Learn

I want to follow I want to find purpose I want to learn the ways I yearn the knowledge I want to know how To keep going I will read til the edge of death My eyes will still move Once you’ve severed my head I want the words of the world I want to […]


This shape is similar to that one Prove it From this to that If we degree If we add them up do they equal that Let’s halve them Imaginary dotted lines Isosles triangled mind Proof is in the pudding And we taste to sample the equations If my mind could keep up Maybe I wouldn’t […]

Graffiti A

You imprinted my mind with your scrawl All this spraying taking over my thoughts Sometimes I breathe in the fumes You’re crazy good Talented The art is just starting Graffiti A You know how to make a statement You know just how to create the change we need Graffiti A You can do without messing […]

Tone Deaf

He’s singing again It’s live and I’m watching him like a movie He’s trying the high notes and it’s not quite there A little bit of pull A little like pulling on my heartstrings You could say he needed to relax to reach so high And higher he did go But the audience is still […]


There’s more ghosts than anything else An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie So to find the separation between greatness and mediocrity is I chose mediocrity Because greatness must be the loneliest Sometimes an insult to the glory of sickness is to get well And in sickness we harbor a […]

The trill of trees

Whisper Whisper in the ear Fluid Crescent in the sky Moonlight Gravity Pushing sound Malignant Friction Above the ground Moving Pressed against the time Wall of kingdoms coming down Into deep waters Into deeper Corners Suffer not what was past Be safe Aware Tried calling Pressure building out Anger bursting through Veins The feel of […]


In strength Maybe The walls Maybe The saws The construction Of Dolls Robots Out of the kiln Ceramic tiles Of films Food from here Food from home Soup For illness Medicine for wellness Pressure Beeping Drop Off Another Legacy story Of historical Perhaps The knowledge we seek seems Crazy at first But history dictates That […]

Mother Dearest

The fears of my mother The thoughts Of my father The voice of my niece The holding on Of my uncle Desires Of my mother Craze of my father Analysis Of what environment What pretense Is Meaning Loud Soft Whispers Pin Pricks on the foot An elephant Scared by a mouse From the mouth of […]

If the same

Thing happens Shrug And it Rolls Off From the time Please Use Direction In Choices


Changing The crests of mountains Very pressed Out of becoming Dawn Kilamanjaro Mountains Echo Like Peck’s Movies Like surges of never Mores Of pleasantries


Of mint The craze of crushed Mint The hands that see The leaves for tea